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Alice in Wonderland Ornaments & Figurines

Welcome to our fantastical collection of ornaments dedicated to the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Whether you’re a devoted Lewis Carroll fan or want to find the perfect collectable for someone who is, these whimsical figures make a great addition to any home.

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Alice in Wonderland Figures

From miniatures to magnificent centerpieces, our treasured Alice in Wonderland figures have been masterfully reimagined in Swarovski crystals. The range includes all the main characters, including Absolem the blue caterpillar, sitting atop a magnificent fly agaric mushroom. Alice, wearing her iconic blue dress, sips a cup of tea waiting for the adventure to unfold. With so many beloved characters to choose from, you’ll struggle to find your favorite.

White Rabbit Figurine

Serving as a cheeky reminder to never be late, the White Rabbit ornament makes for a great desk accessory. Complete with his pocket watch, bow tie, and umbrella, our White Rabbit is a wonderful choice for all Alice in Wonderland lovers.

Mad Hatter Figures

It’s not an adventure without the Mad Hatter. Our Mad Hatter ornament stands proudly with a pink teapot, ready to add a bit of color and whimsy to your life. He can also be found in our crystalized teapot tower – just take a look.

Alice in Wonderland and Friends

Thought we’d forgotten about the mischievous Cheshire Cat? Of course not. Embrace every Alice in Wonderland favorite with our spellbinding jewelry and gifts, and discover the rest of the Disney family. Looking for more inspiration? Explore our full range of figurines, and shop our Aladdin and Star Wars collections.