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Disney Characters & Figurines

Take home your favourite Disney characters and figurines with our playful crystal collection. Highlights include the Little Mermaid, Toy Story, and even Star Wars. The choice is yours.

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Swarovski Disney Crystal Figurines

This collection features some of Disney’s best-loved characters, reimagined in brilliant crystal. Whether you want to add to your own collection or gift one to your favourite Disney fan, these figurines make eye-catching additions to any home.

Ornaments That Capture the Imagination

Celebrating the inimitable magic of Disney, every piece has been expertly crafted in precision-cut crystal to reflect the unique charm of each character. Display yours alongside figurines from our wider collection and recreate your own Disney world.

All your Disney Favourites

Want to bring home the full magic of Disney? Shop our complete collection of figurines, including the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse and must-have Star Wars and Aladdin pieces.