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SCS livestream – kickoff for a week of festival delights


On Sunday September 5th, SCS members tuned in for yet another edition of the SCS livestreams. The online event marked the beginning of the first ever SCS festival. 


Ann-Sophie Mayr hosted the event once again and gave members a taste as to what awaits them during the festival, including exclusive video content, a competition and member-exclusive promotions. Members also got an exclusive sneak peek of the new crystalline swan from the hands of Martin Zendron himself. The new swan is in fact a 3D interpretation of the new swan logo, which is the brainchild of Swarovski`s global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert. She was tasked with giving Swarovski a fresh look, not just in jewelry but also in all other aspects. The new swan logo was born under her creative guidance and is characterized by a slender neck, poised for flight. To reflect the new era of forward-moving style, the swan is facing in a new direction and now bears a similar shape to the letter “S”. The swan is placed within an octagon, representing crystal facets and symbolizing eternity, transition and rebirth. Some might feel it has a retro look, which is in fact an intentional homage to Daniel Swarovski and the aesthetics of the time in which he built the company. 


Members also got an insight into how Martin Zendron translated Giovanna`s new vision of the swan into a 3D crystalline shape. 
2021 has been a year of rebirth for Swarovski. As part of this new vision,  SCS Ambassador Ann-Sophie Mayr presented members with an introduction to the new packaging and the symbolism behind Swarovski`s new color scheme. 


Towards the end of the livestream, members acquired a chance to win the newly launched SCS “Elegance of Africa” necklace by showing how well they had paid attention to various nuggets of information dropped throughout the event. The new SCS “Elegance of Africa” necklace was also created under the guidance of Giovanna`s new creative vision and is part of the “Chroma” family, which is characterized by unique technique in which two layers of crystal are created. 


As usual, members had the chance to post questions in the livechat and were rewarded with direct answers from either Ann-Sophie or Martin. Did you join the fun past Sunday? Whether you were there live and want to revisit the best moments or just tuning in now, we`ve got the recording for you right here.