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The New SCS Statement Pen


Magic at your fingertips

Words are magic. With each combination, you cast elaborate spells of prose, poetry, and simple sentiments to show you care.

The Swarovski 2022 SCS Exclusive Statement Pen puts that magic in palm of your hand with a new, elegant, and intricately detailed writing instrument. 

Experience the magic of writing by hand

Taking the time to handwrite a note is a powerful, thoughtful act that deserves an extraordinary pen.

This statement pen is inspired by the Millenia family and its color palette, with warm champagne gold touches that are inspired by the Elegance of Africa Collection. Its geometric design nods to what Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert calls the mathemagical—the intersection of science and magic. It juxtaposes playful exploration with bold structure.

Made of lightweight and long-lasting metal aluminum, the 2022 SCS Exclusive Statement Pen is embellished with three types of Swarovski Crystals: flatback crystals along the main body; a chaton resting on the clip; and a Swarovski Zirconia crowning the cap. The zirconia was chosen specifically for its size, brilliance, and magical appeal.

When you remove the cap, the ergonomic grip makes the pen comfortable and stable to hold. Sleek and stylish, the highly crystalized writing instrument is easy to carry around in a bag or a pocket.

The 2022 SCS Exclusive Statement pen is here to truly ignite your imagination. After all, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and a handwritten love letter or thank you note can cast a powerful spell on whoever receives it. Experience the magic for yourself when you use this exclusive pen.

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