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Enter the Cosmos

Taking inspiration from the night sky lit up with stars, our Constella family is in a universe of its own. Combining bright precision-cut crystals with contoured metal bars, each piece strikes a fine balance between refined elegance and radiant glamour. Chart a course through the moonlight and sprinkle stardust wherever you go.

Constella Bestsellers

Wish Upon A Star

A guiding light in the dark, our Stella family will have you seeing stars. Marrying playful details with star-shaped clusters of crystals and pearls, each piece captures the wonders of the galaxy and reflects its brilliance in unique shapes and refined designs. Strike out from the crowd and harness the power of a supernova.

Work Wonders

Showcasing a stylish combination of crystals, pearls, and fine metallic hardware, our Stella collection is designed to turn heads. Featuring mixed materials in unexpected combinations and asymmetrical designs, each piece sparks curiosity. Inspire compliments with a pair of starry earrings and see them marvel at your shine.

Stella Bestsellers

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