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Swarovski Dosan Park


Opening December 2023

Infusing moments with wonder and light since 1895, Swarovski enters a captivating new chapter in its story with the opening of the Seoul flagship store.

The Store

Our Seoul flagship brings to light our joyous spirit, enveloping visitors in the elegance of crystals in our signature mood-enhancing colors for an experience like no other. 

Discover Swarovski’s icon jewelry families and figurines, exclusive installations from renowned artists; or unwind in the luxury of Café Swarovski with all its delectable treats. Swarovski Dosan Park welcomes you with a host of unique experiences.

A glimpse inside the store

Seoul Highlights

Swarovski Created Diamonds

Discover our stunning new jewelry range, masterfully crafted from laboratory grown diamonds. Inspired by the cosmos, Swarovski’s timeless pieces capture and transform the light, delivering showstopping glamour for all. Ideal for enlivening everyday style or marking milestone moments.    

Ordinary Life by Shourouk Rhaiem

Vividly fantastical, French designer Shourouk Rhaiem’s ‘Ordinary Life’ sees everyday essentials reimagined in Swarovski’s light-reflecting crystals. An extraordinary exhibit that delights with its kaleidoscopic hues and astonishing attention to detail.

Each hand-decorated object in the supermarket setting is meticulously adorned with Swarovski crystals, creating kaleidoscopic hues in a composition reminiscent of pop-art works of the 1960s.

Café Swarovski

A beautifully calming space in which to relax, Café Swarovski brings the sweet delights of our Austrian heritage to Seoul. From classic coffees and icy refreshments to signature swan latte, everything is a joy to savour.

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