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Into The Wild

Introducing Garden Tales and Jungle Beats: two new families that celebrate the magic of nature

Garden Tales & Jungle Beats


Bring the best of nature indoors with these fun and fresh product families. From spellbinding flowers in full bloom to eye-catching parakeets that demand to be seen, you can mix and match your favorite pieces to create your own unique combination.

Garden tales

Nature Calls

Drawing inspiration from the single flower vase trend, this modern take celebrates beautiful blooms around the world. From Japan’s cherry blossom to China’s Magnolia flower, display yours within the collection’s decorative vases for the final flourish.

Jungle beats

Feel The Energy

Create your very own tropical paradise at home with Jungle Beats. Inspired by the vibrant energy and colors of the tropics, you’ll find a lively mix of characters and playful motifs across ornaments, cocktail stirrers, and striking jewelry stands.