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April Birthstones

Discover our eye-catching selection of birthstone jewelry for April, expertly crafted with clear Swarovski crystals. A celebration of self-expression and everlasting love, our April birthstones feature in standout pendants and matching earrings.

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What is April’s birthstone?

One of the most recognizable birthstones is April’s birthstone: the diamond. Traditionally, warriors in Ancient Greece used this gemstone for protection and it’s one of nature’s most durable gemstones. This unique stone soon became associated with invincibility and strength. Offering a fresh interpretation of April’s birthstone, Swarovski’s savoir-faire combines with clear crystals to stunning effect. Delight in their natural brilliance or feel inspired to gift them to someone special with an April birthday.

Are the Aries and April birthstone the same?

Clear crystals representing the April birthstone are the perfect choice for the April-born Aries man or woman. Zodiac signs, which often span two months, have more than one birthstone. For this reason, Aries individuals whose birthday falls in March may wish to express themselves with the aquamarine-colored March Birthstone. While there are no rules for selecting a birthstone, the meaning behind the April birthstone is thought to be felt most strongly by those with April birthdays.

Discover dazzling April birthstone jewelry

Embrace the traditional gemstone qualities of strength, clarity, and love through our spectacular April birthstone jewelry. Harness the power of self-expression while wearing a necklace or pair of earrings crafted with your dedicated birthstone. Maximize your natural radiance with the brightness of April’s birthstone and exude enduring elegance. Encourage your loved ones to express themselves with our April birthstone stud earrings or a refined pendant, or treat yourself to one of these timeless pieces of birthstone jewelry.