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SCS Holiday Magic Live Stream Event


As our SCS Holiday Magic Live Stream Event happened at the peak of holiday decorating season, we simply had to include inspiration for transforming your living space. Our tree design took cues from our celebrated Swarovski trees, which are on display in major cities around the world. While red and green-colored crystals were dominant, we spiced up the look with our delectable gingerbread ornaments.

Next, Decoration Artist Birgit Mortl showed us how to decorate a mantelpiece and create a festive dining table that highlights our Swarovski x Rosenthal Signum porcelain tableware. She embellished the table by placing a selection of our holiday ornaments and crystalline characters among the foliage.

Alongside the more traditional ideas, we also included an unusual holiday decoration. Birgit showed us how you can make the SCS herd of elephants part of a holiday display. Why not get creative and try it yourself? After all, it’s this spark of excitement and novelty that keeps the holiday spirit alive.

Festive Inspiration

As an extra special treat, designer Michele Blasilli discussed this year’s exclusive pieces, all designed to help you liven up your holiday décor. Talking inspiration and craftsmanship, he presented some of his iconic creations – from the first three-dimensional Annual Edition Ornament ever made, which dazzles with 600 facets, to this year’s interpretation of the beloved snowflake motif in two colors: elegant gold-toned crystal and clear crystal, accented with champagne-gold tone plating. Also in the spotlight was the exclusive Holiday Magic SCS Annual Edition Ball Ornament in clear and gold-tone crystals. In it, two birds are seen cozying up to one another in a bauble dusted with more than 1,000 snow-like crystals.

Bring Magic into Your Home

The festival wrapped with a peek into our plans for 2023. As usual, we wanted to leave you inspired and reinforce Daniel Swarovski’s philosophy to “constantly improve what is good.” So, we offered you a sneak preview into the inspiration and designs which are headed your way next year. Whether it was the holiday magic or the different ways you can invite glamour into your home, we hope the event left you excited to make the most of your Swarovski Crystals.
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An Exclusive Look into the Swarovski Archive

Have you ever wondered what the first Swarovski crystalline piece looked like? Which shape it had? How many facets it featured? What it was called? Well, during our December Festival, Katharina Haller-Seeber, the Brand Heritage Expert and Manager of the Swarovski Archive in Wattens, answered all these questions and more. In fact, she opened the door to the exclusive archive allowing us all to take a look at many spectacular pieces such as vintage crystals, authentic first drawings, and even a show-stopping evening dress from the turn of the 20th century, embroidered with our crystals.
Katharina also shared details about the early days of Swarovski and how the company has developed over the years. This private, one-of-a-kind experience of the brand’s heritage gave viewers the opportunity to get to know us better. Our history is not only interesting to see but also important to know as it is the foundation we build on when creating future designs

Deliciously Elegant

Holiday baking is an important tradition in many households. For some, it’s something you do on your own with festive songs in the background, but for others, it’s an event you invite your family and friends to join. Either way, it’s a wonderful custom that brings joy to many. This year, we once again teamed up with Chef de Patissier, Markus Hufnagl from Daniel’s Restaurant Kristallwelten, to produce a unique Cookie Cutter of this year’s Annual Edition Ornament. A few lucky winners of our Livestream Game will be able to bake a very elegant snowflake this year. And if you missed the recipe we presented during the livestream, be sure to save it in your cookbooks now!

SCS Holiday Cookies Receipe
1 cup/250 g butter
1 cup/125 g icing sugar
3 cup/380 g flour
1 egg yolk or 40 g egg yolk
2 Tbsp/25 g gingerbread spice
1 g salt (a pinch of salt)
Grated peel of half of an orange
Grated peel of 1 whole lemon

Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Cover and refrigerate for three hours. Afterwards, knead the dough and roll out 6 mm thick. Bake at 410°F for 8-10 minutes. Let them cool and don’t forget to decorate with royal icing!

Our Seasonal Favorites