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iPhone® 14 Pro Cases and Covers

Dressing up your iPhone® 14 Pro with a dazzling phone case is the new way to accessorize your look. Discover a selection of colors, from vibrant pinks to understated silver-tone shades. Find a luxury gift or treat yourself to a new tech accessory.

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Make a statement with a phone case for the iPhone® 14 Pro

At Swarovski, we’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to designing tech accessories. Adorning our selection of iPhone® 14 Pro cases are precision-cut Swarovski crystals that beautifully catch the light, bringing a touch of radiance to your day. Our contemporary phone covers come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so you can find one to combine harmoniously with your other accessories. If a birthday or special occasion is around the corner, browse this selection of phone covers to find a gift that will impress a beloved friend, relative, or partner.

Protect your phone in spectacular fashion

Each phone cover in this curated selection is crafted to protect your iPhone® 14 Pro against everyday bumps and scratches. We’ve chosen durable materials such as resistant plastics and thoughtfully designed each cover with wraparound edges to minimize scratches and help reduce the impact of accidental drops.

Express your individual style with an iPhone® 14 Pro cover

All-over embellishments. Eye-catching ombré effects. Dazzling Swarovski crystals. You’ll find a variety of standout detailing across our selection of phone cases for the iPhone® 14 Pro. Let your personality shine through by choosing a case in your favorite color, complete with bright or subtly sparkling crystals. Neutral-colored cases are a versatile accessory for your iPhone® 14 Pro and instantly enhance everyday ensembles. For something more head-turning, opt for covers in vibrant hues with shimmering gradients. If you’re seeking a memorable gift, be inspired by your giftee’s choice of bracelets or rings to find a phone case that complements their style.