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Edelweiss SCS Annual Edition Exclusive Ornament 2023

Celebrate Swarovski's Alpine heritage this holiday season with an exclusive Edelweiss ornament that can add a sense of holiday wonder to your home all year long.

A must-have piece


The limited-edition Edelweiss ornament is formed of ten exquisitely cut crystal petals with a moonlight effect. These elegantly encircle the unique central crystal which gleams in golden shadow.
Each petal – whether the small symmetrical cuts or larger petal-shaped ones – showcases a different faceting on each side. This intricate detailing, coupled with a total of 239 facets, adds exceptional depth and luxurious appeal to the ornament.
As a finishing touch, the gold lamé ribbon emphasizes the distinguished character and exclusivity of this limited-edition piece.

Celebrating Swarovski’s Alpine heritage

Swarovski’s rich history will forever be intertwined with the Edelweiss flower.
Depicted as our original company logo for almost a century from 1895, the rare Alpine flower became synonymous with high quality and our Tyrolian roots.
The Edelweiss symbol embodied Swarovski’s emergence as a household name and partner of major haute couture fashion houses like Chanel and Dior.
Though it was replaced by the iconic Swan logo in 1989, the Edelweiss image endures as a testament to our rich heritage.

The Legend of the Edelweiss


Once upon a time, nestled high in the Alps, there lived a beautiful but lonely queen with a heart of ice. With her angelic voice, she lured countless shepherds into the depths of her cave in an attempt to woo them. But true love continued to evade her and eventually her cold heart grew weary of the shepherds’ company. And so, with a cruel flick of her wrist, she had her gnome slaves cast them into the icy abyss below.

One day, a brave shepherd of humble origins ascended the mountain and stumbled into her cave unannounced. The queen was instantly charmed by the shepherd and her icy demeanor softened into a loving embrace. But the gnome slaves did not approve. Full of resentment and envy, they captured the shepherd in his sleep and tossed him into the valley below, as they had done many times before.

When she awoke and discovered what had happened, the queen was overcome with sorrow. As she mourned the loss of her lover, her icy heart melted just enough for her to shed a single tear.

As the tear kissed the frosty earth below, it crystallized into an elegant flower — the Edelweiss. Thus, from a tale of tragedy was born an enduring symbol of love, bravery, and beauty, forever to be found in the heart of the Alps.

A timeless piece: SCS Edelweiss

“This new 2023 SCS exclusive follows the tradition of an exclusive holiday season ornament offered to our SCS members since 2009.
The difference is that this ornament can really be used all year round.”

Michele Basili, designer

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