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A World Of Capabilities


Creative sparks fly with the debut of innovative new products that exude color, artistry, and craftsmanship. Whether indulging fantasies or dreaming up new worlds, highest quality Swarovski Crystals allow you to bring your most ambitious visions to life. 

Crystal Fishnet Banding

Made from 100% recycled materials, Crystal Fishnet Banding’s versatility, extended color range and heightened brilliance creates hyper-expressive inroads for a new range of fiercely fabulous luxury fashion.

LacquerPRO Ignite Effects

Inciting optimism and injecting wonder, the electric appeal of the dynamic Crystal LacquerPRO Ignite Effects combine to create a deliciously maximalist focus for tactile technological style.

Olive Briolette Bead

Elegantly elongated, the Olive Briolette Bead conveys classic minimalism and reduction in design. The increased faceting, high brilliance, and subtle symmetry of the shape creates a new vision of handcrafted luxury

Majestic Fancy Stone and Pendant

As dressing-up for stepping out returns, the optimized radiance of the Majestic Fancy Stone and Majestic Pendant play into a new sartorial style. Gem-inspired and multi-layered, for a sense of timeless sophistication.

Crystal Iridescent Rouge Pearl

The dazzling depth of the Crystal Iridescent Rouge Pearl conjures up a sense of traditional refinement. Embracing joy and positivity, the elegantly heightened hue transcends eras to create contemporary cool with a vintage twist.


Swarovski’s know-how goes far beyond precision-cut crystal, it also explores methods that make the incredible pieces possible. Sewing, Hotfix, Beading, Casting and Gluing are just some of the techniques used to create exquisite and expressive statements. 

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