Crystal Metamorphosis Comes to Life

Our extraordinary jewellery designs are showcased in a fantastical new light, pushing the boundaries of creativity, and leveraging the transformative power of crystals. Embodied in a cast of unique characters, this new collection unlocks the wonders of the imagination and is a celebration of our unmistakable savoir-faire. 

The Pineapple

Exotic, extravagant, and enigmatic, the pineapple pays sweet homage to the thrill of the unexpected. Resplendent in rich green and golden tones, our delectable tropical character is aglow with sun-kissed optimism.  

The pineapple cocktail ring is a dramatic delicacy.

The Turtle

As dramatic as it is beguiling, the turtle surfaces, an emblem of the joy and beauty of transformation. The dazzling greens and pops of pink offer an opulent ode to enduring elegance.

The intricate shell of our turtle will surprise and delight.

The Parrot

Streaked with a rebellious edge and unapologetically bold, the parrot glimmers with punk playfulness and extraordinary confidence.  

Our gold-toned parrot has timeless appeal.


In the golden heart of our glittering garden blossoms Florere, mesmerizing in its allure. Like the butterflies that flutter around them, our crystallized blooms flourish, epitomizing the exuberance of metamorphosis. 

Our Florere pendant comes alive in the sunlight.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

The Swarovski x Marvel Collection


Unleash your style alter-ego with our compelling range of Marvel jewellery and home figurines.



An expression of expertly executed savoir-faire, our mesmerizing Matrix family combines classic cuts with vibrant colours to create essential pieces that inspire and impress. 

On the Red Carpet


With our exquisite savoir-faire, unrivalled creativity, and spirit of joyful extravagance, Swarovski has become synonymous with red carpet style.