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Taking the Limelight

Celebrating the New York City Ballet Fashion Gala’s 10th Anniversary, the company’s dancers lit up the stage in costumes adorned with more than 900,000 Swarovski crystals. Designed by emerging talent and frequent Swarovski collaborator, Palomo Spain, each monochrome ensemble features stones in a kaleidoscope of colors, championing individuality and highlighting the beauty of movement.

Behind the Scenes

Created by a highly talented team of 16 craftspeople, the Gala featured ten bespoke costumes, representing 1,500 hours of work. Using an innovative new technique, the artisans enhanced each garment with crystallized transfers in vivid shades, incorporating intricate detailing to ensure maximum stage impact. Each pirouette, leap, and turn radiated joyful extravagance.

Designer Palomo pairs monochrome costumes with crystals.

The Dancers

Cultural Collaborations

United by a passion for creativity and relentless innovation, Swarovski has formed long-lasting partnerships with the world’s leading cultural institutions. Brining a unique brilliance and extraordinary savoir-faire to dance, opera, theatre, and ballet companies, our crystals have illuminated performances of the English National Ballet, L’Opera de Paris, and the San Francisco Ballet, been worn by Maria Callas and Luciano Pavarotti, and dazzled on countless West End and Broadway stages.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Expressions of Wonder


Welcome to an artistically striking expression of joyful extravagance, where glistening crystals come to life in boldly chic portraits that invite curiosity. 



An expression of expertly executed savoir-faire, our mesmerizing Matrix family combines classic cuts with vibrant colors to create essential pieces that inspire and impress. 

On the Red Carpet


With our exquisite savoir-faire, unrivalled creativity, and spirit of joyful extravagance, Swarovski has become synonymous with red carpet style.