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Voucher not working

If you are having difficulty applying your voucher or gift card please consider the following advise.

Discount and money off vouchers are entered on the shopping bag page.

If the voucher is not accepted, please check the following:
- Voucher is still in date
- Item being purchased is not excluded in the T&Cs.
- Voucher is valid for online purchases.
- You are not entering a 16 digit gift card code.
- Gift Cards
- Gift Cards are entered on step 3 of the checkout process and are considered to be a form of payment.
- If the gift card is not accepted, please check the following: - The 16 digit gift card number is entered correctly.
- The correct PIN number has been applied.
- You are not entering a money off or discount voucher code. Please note, you are only able to redeem 1 gift card per order.

How do I apply my voucher code?

To redeem your voucher code, please follow these easy steps:

Once you have selected all the items you wish to purchase, on the shopping bag page you can type the voucher code in the “Add a Voucher Code” field of the shopping bag and click on “Apply Code”. You will get a visual confirmation that your voucher code has been redeemed.

Please note that only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase.

Redemption as part of a Sale or other offers or promotions, as well as combining vouchers with other discounts or product vouchers, is not possible.

Orders made in the past, reduced products, Gift Cards, Annual and Limited Editions, The Swarovski Remix Collection, SCS products, and special sculptures such as the Crystal Myriad collection are excluded.

How do I redeem my gift card?

To redeem your gift card, please follow these easy steps:

- Add items you wish to purchase to the shopping bag
- Click on the shopping bag
- Add gift bag or greeting card if required
- Add a discount voucher code if you have one, click "Apply Code"
- Click "Check-Out"
- Enter your billing and shipping address
- Choose the suitable delivery option
- Pay with gift card and enter your gift card code (16 digit) in the appropriate field (checkout page)
- Continue with “Next”
- Enter your pin code and press “Redeem”
- You will see a visual confirmation that your gift card has been redeemed. The price will appear adjusted.

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