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Monochrome Magic

Taking cues from graphic art movements, our Harmonia family will inspire you to embrace self-expressions of your own design. Radiate confidence with seemingly simple silhouettes that marry bold lines with oversized stones. Don’t hold back; Harmonia proves that more is always more.

Steal the Spotlight

With exaggerated stones and daring cuts, our Harmonia family harnesses the power of light to ensure maximum impact. Full-circle chokers and pendants made for layering encourage you to break free of convention and curate your own air of mystery.

How to Style

Go Your Own Way

Style rules are made to be broken. Maximalist extravagance meets minimalist reserve when you stack clear crystal bracelets and jet black necklaces alongside chandelier drop earrings and scene-stealing cocktail rings.

Crystal Clear

Explore black and white while living life in full color as you let your true self shine in all its brilliant complexity. Make your heart sing with harmonious combinations sure to spark imagination. Elegance meets extravagance when you team Harmonia hoops with statement studs.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.


Where industry meets imagination



An expression of expertly executed savoir-faire, our mesmerizing Matrix family combines classic cuts with vibrant colors to create essential pieces that inspire and impress. 


Inspired by ‘Article No.1’ – a line drawing by Daniel Swarovski of his first crystal cut – our Millenia family is a modern reimagining of our heritage and expertise.