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Masks and Magic


Remarkable, mysterious, and fascinating

The African continent has an almost magical appeal. Thanks to its natural beauty, the Elegance of Africa SCS PWP 2022 African Mask allows us to immerse ourselves in ancient cultures and far-off lands.
“I take inspiration from clothing, jewellery, images, books, documents, and music. That’s where my vision comes from.” Swarovski designer Martin Zendron enjoys immersing himself in the culture of a place while on his quests for inspiration. For the Elegance of Africa collection, he was just as inspired by the continent’s breathtaking natural surroundings as he was by its ancient rituals and art forms that date back thousands of years.

This spectacular mask is the creative culmination of the designer’s research into the cultures of Africa. “For traditional masks, the people use natural materials like wood, brass, terracotta, ceramics, raffia, or fabric, depending on the region. In some cases, they’re kept simple, in others, they’re abundantly decorated and detailed.” Masks have been a tradition in many countries in Africa for millennia, and they hold strong fascination for Martin Zendron. “They’re much more than just artistic creations — to this day, masks are used for spiritual, religious, and everyday rituals, for example fertility rituals and farewell ceremonies."

Elegance of Africa

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A sophisticated interpretation

The African Mask is Zendron’s individual interpretation of this iconic item. For the minimal design of the brooch, the designer was inspired by traditional masks made from dark dyed wood. A decorative face set on an anthracite-coloured base forms the central element of this Swarovski piece. The lighter grey setting is embellished with African patterns that look as though they have been carved by hand. The lower edge of the brooch is reminiscent of a refined collar and is set with seven radiant crystal triangles, giving the mask a glamorous feel.

The Elegance of Africa SCS PWP 2022 African Mask was designed exclusively for members of the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) and is not available for purchase. SCS members will receive the crystal gift when they spend over a certain amount, either while attending an event in their local store or during certain periods online.