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All About Swarovski Created Diamonds

Welcome to the future of diamond jewelry.
The Swarovski Created Diamond jewelry collection radiates otherworldly wonder, featuring beautiful lab grown diamonds that
are identical to their mined counterparts in every way but how they originate.

Swarovski Created Diamonds Collection

Exquisitely set in precious metals, our Swarovski Created Diamond collections marry tradition and trends with distinctive designs. Swarovski’s heritage of creative savoir-faire, and limitless imagination in designing joyfully extravagant and elegant jewelry is beautifully expressed in this Swarovski Created Diamonds collections. The laboratory grown diamonds in the Swarovski Created Diamond Collections are very fine quality: G+ in color and VS+ in clarity.

The Eternity Collection


The new Eternity Collection is our latest range of beautiful laboratory grown diamond jewelry. Eternity is a celebration of the art of simplicity, each design crafted to reveal the depth and brilliance of the scintillating diamonds, each piece of jewelry capturing and transforming the light to cast a beautiful radiance over anyone who wears it.

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Diamond Jewelry Of The Future

three Swarovski Created Diamond necklaces from the range

Swarovski Created Diamonds Necklaces


Layer Galaxy or Eternity necklaces for otherworldly looks

Striking worn alone, captivating when styled in layers like a constellation of stars, Galaxy and Eternity necklaces are artistically crafted pieces of jewelry. Radiating an everlasting glow, their luminescence and beauty will be cherished forever.
model wears Swarovski Created Diamond earrings

Swarovski Created Diamonds Earrings


Galaxy earrings display a dazzling arrangement of laboratory grown diamonds

Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry mark a new chapter in our legacy of innovation. Harnessing cutting-edge technology to grow beautiful diamonds in a laboratory, and styling them in innovative formations, the result is stunning jewelry designed to last a lifetime.
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The 4Cs Guide of Diamonds

Universally recognized, the 4Cs are a guiding light in the world of diamonds, helping to determine the quality and value of each stone - the 4Cs stand for color, cut, carat, and clarity. The laboratory grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity collections are graded against these 4Cs by IGI, the International Gemological Institute.
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Lab Grown Diamonds Buying Guide

Discover the world of Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry, redefining the future of diamonds with exceptional collections that unite tradition and current trends. From the otherworldly brilliance of our interstellar collection to the pure elegance of our signature pieces, find a style that will last a lifetime.
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What are Laboratory Grown Diamonds?

Find out more about diamonds that are grown in a laboratory, and how the process of replicating the way diamonds are formed in the earth is achieved. Discover the different cuts of diamonds in the Swarovski Created Diamond Collections, as well as the inspiration behind the designs.

Why Choose Swarovski Created Diamonds?

Building on 128 years of innovation, the laboratory grown diamonds in the Swarovski Created Diamonds collections replicate nature as they are formed layer by layer from a tiny carbon seed. Once grown, each diamond is finished with exceptional care, showcasing our evolving savoir-faire and fascination with light.

Frequently asked questionsh3>

Swarovski Created Diamonds demystified

Is Swarovski Created Diamonds fine jewelry embellished with laboratory grown diamonds?

Yes, it is. Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry collections contain laboratory grown diamonds. As proof of origin, every laboratory grown diamond that is 0.25ct or larger carries a laser engraving.

Are the laboratory grown diamonds processed in our Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry certified?

All laboratory grown diamonds are hand-selected and examined by experienced gemologists to ensure they fulfill high quality standards. Every piece of jewelry in the Galaxy and Eternity collections is graded by the International Gemological Institute according to the 4Cs to ensure that only the finest quality diamonds join the Swarovski Created Diamond collection and accompanied by a digital lab report from IGI.

Is Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry a good choice for engagements or weddings?

Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry collections are unique and of modern yet timeless designs, made for mesmerizing moments and created to last forever. They are the perfect choice for any occasion, marking a moment to treasure. In general, you can obtain a larger and/or higher-quality laboratory grown diamond for your budget. The exact price difference depends on the quality and size of the laboratory grown diamond you choose.

Are all laboratory grown diamonds flawless and perfect?

No diamond is perfect. Growing diamonds in a laboratory is very similar to the geological growth process. So each laboratory grown diamond forms in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns.