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Fine Jewelry Made for Forever


Mark special moments, or celebrate your unique brilliance, with lab grown diamonds in timeless designs set in precious metals. Our fine jewelry collection features forever pieces that are made to treat yourself, or those you love, with light-filled luxury.

The Diamond of the future

A Swarovski Created Diamond is identical to a mined diamond in every way but origin. Crafted to last a lifetime, each piece harnesses 127 years of cutting experience to transform our lab grown diamonds into works of impeccable wonder. Featuring 100% diamonds, placed in fine jewelry settings, the Swarovski Created Diamonds collection offers instant heirloom pieces for any occasion. 

Masters of Light since 1895


Creating a spellbinding diamond requires an innovative process that replicates nature, forming layer-by-layer of diamond from a tiny carbon seed. 

Once grown, each diamond is precision cut and polished to perfection,  revealing maximum brilliance and fire that only the masters of man-made materials could create. The diamonds are then hand-selected by our team of experts to ensure that only the finest quality stones join the Swarovski Created Diamonds collection. 


Celebrating the power of two, our Intimate family is romance reimagined. Beautiful lab grown diamonds, designed to display true wonder, come together on band rings, or cascade in light-filled brilliance from pendants and earrings.


Enter a world of wonder with our stunning Signature family. Showcasing our master craftsmanship and fascination with light, brilliant pavé halos enhance lab grown diamonds in classic designs that love to be layered.


An understated expression of elegance, the Essentials family is your everyday diamond. Simple solitaires are radiant with light, while cushion-shaped halos create an aura of brilliance. Exceptionally giftable, to yourself or another.

Swarovski Created Diamonds

The 4C’s

All Swarovski Created Diamonds are hand-selected and graded by our gemologists according to the industry specific 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat – to ensure their brilliance. With diamonds graded G to I and VVS to SI1 in accordance with the 4Cs, only the most magnificent gems are used in our fine jewelry collection.

Certified Excellence


As proof of origin, every Swarovski Created Diamond that is 0.25 carat or larger carries a laser engraving, visible only under strong magnification, identifying it as an authentic Swarovski jewel of extraordinary beauty.

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