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Graceful Bloom 戒指, 紅色, 鍍香檳金

$ 5,990.00


In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Atelier Swarovski’s Graceful Bloom collection returns in an auspicious red and golden colorway. This exquisite ring features a premium champagne gold-plated metallic filigree leaf, inspired by 'wabi-sabi': the idea that true beauty lies in impermanence and imperfection. The splitting lines on the leaves reflect the passing of time and exciting new beginnings to come. Embellished with Swarovski's exclusive crystal Pointiage®, this is a stunning design that will add showstopping sparkle to any outfit.
物品號碼: 5484176
顏色: 紅色
物料: 香檳金色色調PVD