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Penélope Cruz Moonsun 項鏈, 限量發行產品, 白色, 鍍玫瑰金色調

$ 4,290.00


The MoonSun collection, Atelier Swarovski’s new collaboration with internationally acclaimed actress Penélope Cruz, is inspired by the magic of the night sky. Based on Cruz’s childhood memories of her mother’s jewelry, it features a stunning star motif. This Limited Edition rose gold-plated strandage necklace fuses an elegant feminine aesthetic with Spanish design traditions and Swarovski's world-renowned craftsmanship. A truly unique piece, which will add star quality to your outfit.
物品號碼: 5489762
顏色: 白色, 白色
尺寸: 94 厘米, 尺寸: 94 厘米
物料: 鍍玫瑰金色調, 鍍玫瑰金色調
系列: Penèlope Cruz Moonsun