Atelier Swarovski by Rosie Assoulin, Jewel-y McHue-y Large 項鏈

$ 5,450.00


Designed by Rosie Assoulin for Atelier Swarovski, this ruthenium-plated necklace is elegant and modern. Taking inspiration from Georgian jewelry designs, this piece features stunning blue crystals, encased in a blue powder-coated matt setting, and a sporty blue cotton ribbon tie. Beautifully combining refined romance, vibrant color, and minimalist industrial edge, it’s chic, highly wearable, and suitable for any occasion. The long-length necklace measures 128.5 x 2.3 cm.
物品號碼: 5263585
顏色: 藍綠色
物料: 鍍白金色
Collection: Rosie Assoulin