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Looney Tunes Sylvester Kol Düğmesi, Cok Renkli, Rodyum kaplama

₺ 529.00


Childhood nostalgia leads the way in Swarovski’s new playful Looney Tunes collection. This quirky pair of rhodium plated cufflinks features Sylvester the Cat embellished in black, red, and clear crystal pavé. In one the feline is happy, whilst in the other he is angry. A lighthearted unisex design, which would make a great gift for men and women alike.
Ürün hakkında
Mal no.: 5484687
Koleksiyon: Looney Tunes
Renk ailesi: Koyu renkli
Boy: 2x1.5 cm
Malzeme: Rodyum kaplama