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Note to Self

There are many sides to each of us — the good, the “bad”, the weird, the wonderful — and the key to true self-expression is recognizing and loving each of them.

In “Note to Self”, BAFTA-winning actress and star of Sex Education, Aimee Lou Wood, explores these facets of herself, embracing them through the medium of the modern diary: the voice note. Each, ultimately allowing her to reflect and honor what self-love is all about.

Pink Party

Nothing says “party for one” like pairing luxe loungewear with serious crystal bling in monochorome pink. Geometrical hoops meet all-around necklaces to complete the contrast of soft and strong. For a more formal affair, take it two-tone with Swarovski Millenia, pairing larger-than-life crystals with a mirrored mini in a mod nod to the 1960s.

Pink pieces pack a style punch.

Behave Naturally

Green Light

From spring fern to rich emerald, shades of green are here to help your style grow into it’s fullest form. Pair all-around necklaces with statement bangles and your favorite outfit to create a look that’s singularly you.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Next-Gen Eyewear

See our new sunglasses styled in Highsnobiety. In original designs of the highest quality, the collection honours our heritage of crystal craftsmanship while showcasing mood-boosting colour and bold crystal detailing.


Inspired by ‘Article No.1’ – a line drawing by Daniel Swarovski of his first crystal cut – our Millennia family is a modern reimagining of our heritage and expertise.

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