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Good Luck Trolls Figurines in Pink, Blue, Yellow & Green

Experience the power of positivity with our Good Luck Trolls home décor collection. Brought to life in vibrant Swarovski colours, each delightful figurine encapsulates the cheerful spirit of the Trolls, uplifting homes with light-filled wonder. The perfect gift for collectors and fans of Good Luck Trolls.

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Good Luck Trolls Figurines

Uniquely bold, the Good Luck Trolls x Swarovski figurines harness the essence of these iconic characters, with a rainbow of delightful details. Explore our selection and find the perfect one for you.

Pink Troll

With vibrant fuchsia hair, the Pink Troll radiates energy, filling spaces with luminous cheer. Known for spreading positivity, this beloved Troll symbolises good luck.

Blue Troll

Crafted to captivate with its azure hue, our Blue Troll embodies serenity. Its undeniably tranquil aura makes it the perfect choice for colourful yet calm interiors.

Yellow Troll

The Yellow Troll radiates warmth, its sunshine hue and halo of golden hair is guaranteed to brighten homes, big and small. Bursting with energy and optimism, it symbolises happiness and spreads joy everywhere.

Green Troll

Our Green Troll exudes vitality. Full of the joys of life, it represents growth, renewal, and a deep connection to the natural world. Want more positive vibes? Discover our Troll-inspired jewellery and imbue every look with glowing optimism.