Discover a new season of exclusive designer collaborations

Atelier Swarovski kicks off the fall season with a burst of color and richly textured elements across a series of crystallized collections. Infusing their own imaginative and vibrant personalities into each, are renowned designers Mary Katrantzou, a long-standing partner, and Tabitha Simmons, new to the round-up. Alongside these spirited pieces stand Moselle, an Atelier Swarovski favorite updated for fall, plus a fresh new range, Fluid, both of which capture the energy of the earth with flowing lines and organic shapes.


Aptly titled ‘Nostalgia’, Mary Katrantzou’s playful collection conjures memories of adolescence with artful shapes and colorful accents. Expressive pieces feature softly-hued rose gold cages, making precious the brilliance of each Swarovski crystal and crystal pearl.

Ombré rocks of shimmering crystal in shades of blue and gold reference the river in Europe for which this collection is named. Like gilded reflections of sunlight or a glistening water stream, each piece takes on an unparalleled vibrancy that exudes luxury.
Stylist-turned-footwear designer Tabitha Simmons makes her foray into jewelry with this debut Atelier Swarovski collection of vintage-inspired pieces. Amethyst, blue and emerald crystals with decorative detailing reveal a touch of couture, letting her signature blend of refined glamour and sleek femininity shine through.
Baguette-cut crystals are crafted into simple, sinuous lines to celebrate the beauty of crystal in its purest form and enhance the way in which this multifaceted stone can transform and rearrange light. Any style or personality will find their match in a range of silver, gold or smokey quartz colorways.