Alexander The Stag

Designing a piece in a collection that celebrates a grand milestone, such as Swarovski’s 125th anniversary, is no easy feat. We asked Swarovski designer, Martin Zendron, about his experience:

1. Why did you select the stag as a motif?
It wasn’t just me; collaboration is incredibly important. Since 2020 is the year of the 125th anniversary, we wanted to direct the theme towards Swarovski’s heritage. Daniel Swarovski found the right environment to start his business in the Tyrolean alps, and the local nature has provided an almost unlimited source of motives and ideas. As part of the SCS 2020 Collection, the SCS Annual Edition 2020 Stag Alexander invites us on an adventure into a time when Swarovski started its journey – from small business to global brand.

2. Did it also have a personal connection for you?
Yes, one of my uncles used to take care of a big mountain area near Wattens, on behalf of the Swarovski family, to protect the local wildlife. I often visited to watch the animals and feed the deer in winter. The >>SCS Collection 2020<< actually transferred me back to my childhood and brought back many, many beautiful memories.

3. What did you want your stag design to communicate?
It was important for the stag to show elegance and, at the same, also strength and pride. It took time and some adaptations to achieve this. Even little changes can make a big difference in expression and beauty. It was also important to find the right balance between shapes and colors, to bring the entire design to a perfect finish.

4. How long did it take from initial idea to final result?
The process from when we started to work on the SCS theme to when we saw the first crystal samples took approximately one year. It took approximately four to six months to go from the mood board and color palette to sketches to the three-dimensional model. Translating this into a producible design was the most challenging part of the process and developing the first crystal samples took another six or so months. But, as you can imagine, it was very exciting to see the creation in crystal for the very first time.