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Discover Tord Boontje's 'Winter Sparkle' Tale

"During the night, the Ice Bird flew over the forest sparkling the trees and rocks with frost.

In his nest, Squirrel awakes from his winter sleep and his mother greets him.
“Good morning little one, do you know what day it is?” It is the day before the Winter Party, and there are lots of things to do and prepare!

Squirrel climbs out of the nest in the old oak tree. He jumps from branch to branch and makes his way to the middle of the forest valley to find his friends.

Robin is busy talking with one of the small bunnies. Squirrel greets them with a warm hello and hugs.

While other creatures are sleeping, the birds are preparing for the party. At the open space around the tall pine tree they make decorations from pine cones and berries. Rows of icicles hanging from the branches and shards of ice are arranged to make sparkling ornaments.

The birds decorate the manes of the wild horses and Grazelle with garlands of winter blossoms."


- Tord Boontje




"That evening everyone gathers at the party. Squirrel is happy to be there, to tell stories, to sing and dance together. The frosty winter night is filled with laughter, sparkle and glitter.

 Then, a group of birds starts to sing, soon the others join in and they all start dancing in a large circle.

Squirrel wants to remember this party and has an idea! He could keep a small piece of sparkle, and it would always remind him of this moment!

He sees a beautiful icicle, shaped like a small diamond, hanging from a low branch of a pine tree. He has found his small sparkle! Holding this in one paw, he climbs up the tall pine tree where he finds a hollow near the top of the tree. He carefully places the icicle on a layer of moss inside. Happily, he climbs down and joins the party again.

Later that night, exhausted but happy, they all crawl into their nests and go back to their winter sleep."


- Tord Boontje




"When Squirrel awakes, he immediately knows that it is springtime. He can hear the sounds of the forest and the scent of the new green leaves and spring flowers. 

Remembering that he had hidden the icicle in the tall pine tree at the Winter Party, he can not wait to get it.

Squirrel climbs up the tall pine tree and recognizes the hollow near the top. When he looks inside, all he sees is a damp patch on the moss where his sparkle should have been.

He missed the memory of the Winter Party and wished there was something which reminded him of the beauty and the good times. Feeling sad, he decides to look for Robin. Back in the valley, he sees his friend bathing in the stream.

Water splashes around, drops fly everywhere and also stay on her feathers. Just at that moment the sun came out and made the water drops glitter! Squirrel laughed out loud and said: ‘it’s the sparkle I was looking for!’

When he explains this, Robin laughs and shows him the dewdrops in the spider’s web, the silvery trails of the snails, the small raindrops on the grass and sparkling crystals in the mountain rocks. If you look carefully, you can find memories of the Winter Party all around you!"


- Tord Boontje