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*All consumers that purchase 2 Swarovski products, between 09.10.2019 and 14.10.2019 will be given 50% off the product with the lowest price. There is no limitation of items a consumer can purchase. However, the promotion only applies for multiple of 2 items, meaning that if a consumer buys a 3rd item, this will be charged full price. The promotion excludes Home Annual Editions and Limited Editions, Home SCS Exclusive Products, Home Sculptures, Home Statement pieces, Home Country/Channel Exclusives, selected Accessories & Writing Instruments, Watches, Eyewear, the Swarovksi Remix collection, the Nirvana collection and Gift cards. The promotion is valid only for full price items and cannot be combined with any other promotion. All purchases are subject to the Delivery and Returns Policy. Swarovski employees, Swarovski partner and retailer employees, and any of their family members are excluded from this promotion. Other terms and conditions may apply.