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Inspired by the beauty of the night sky, Swarovski’s Symbolic collection features mystical motifs of crescent moons and stars alongside bright but delicate sparkle. The all-time favorite moon design represents hopes, dreams and femininity while the star becomes a symbol of positive energy. From statement-making earrings to cool-classic pendants, this delicate and meaningful collection is still one of our bestsellers. Add a celestial touch to your outfits for something truly out of this world.
Exquisite settings, an alluring rich palette, modern metallic tones and versatile silhouettes call out to be mixed, matched and stacked with different symbols. Dare to play with different shapes and lengths by pairing the star motif with the moon choker for a modern and on-trend look. Elevate your everyday style by opting for the bold symbolic hoop earrings. Worn alone or layered with other jewelry, the enchanting Swarovski symbolic collection will let your inner supernova shine bright for everyone to see.