The Seven Steps To Perfection

Although it looks effortless, every curve, facet, and detail of Swarovski’s crystal creations is the result of a meticulous design process – one which can take up to two years from idea to realization. Here are the steps each of your sparkling beauties undertook before they came to you:

Step 1: Research and sketching
Before it is even a sparkle in the eye of the designer, a team of Swarovski experts come together to exchange ideas and come up with a theme. Once defined, a Swarovski designer takes the vision further by conducting research and sketching out several versions of a potential design.

Step 2: Computer model
From a mountain of sketches, the most fitting is converted into a three-dimensional digital model on a computer. The designer experiments with various poses and expressions, until a perfect design emerges.

Step 3: Resin replica
In close collaboration, the designer and product developer enrich the computer model with facets and determine how it can best be broken down into producible parts. A resin replica is then made, bringing the design a step closer to its crystal destiny.

Step 4: Handmade crystal prototype
In a show of true mastery, each dazzling component is beautifully cut, polished and glued together by hand, to form a crystal prototype. Colour accents, coatings and special effects are also incorporated to complete the vision.

Step 5: Production
Once a prototype has been perfected, it is cleared for production. Since each piece is precision-cut, tools are first specifically created for each crystal component, before all parts are produced.

Step 6: Assembly
The dazzling crystal creation takes its final shape, as the individually produced pieces are meticulously glued together by hand.

Step 7: Quality control
Each crystal creation is thoroughly examined by a team of experts, who ensure that all colours look as they should, and all facets are flawless and glistening. Once it has passed this final scrutiny, it is ready to fill the world with sparkle!