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Russian Federation

Powerful, agile, and nurturing, the Amur Leopard is among the world’s most alluring animals. It is also critically endangered. Now, thanks to the creative genius of crystal designer, Heinz Tabertshofer, one of the world’s rarest creatures can take up residence in your home.


According to the latest estimates, there are fewer than 100 Amur Leopards left in the wild, making them the rarest big cats in the world. Here are some fascinating facts about these magnificent creatures:

While at one time Amur Leopards roamed the mountainous expanses of Russia, China, and even parts of North Korea, they are now restricted to the Amur River basin – a frost-kissed forested area where Russia’s eastern Primorye province meets the Chinese border.
Despite being extremely rare, Amur Leopards are easily identifiable by their fur. Endowed with widely spaced rosettes, and changing color and thickness with the seasons, their coats distinguish them from the rest of the world’s leopards.
Amur Leopards are incredibly athletic, capable of reaching speeds of up to 37 miles (59 kilometers) per hour and jumping up to six meters horizontally and three meters vertically.
While typically the strong, silent type, Amur Leopards have been known to make a hoarse rasping sound to mark their territory and announce their presence. They also occasionally purr while feeding.
Berry, an adolescent Amur Leopard, became an internet sensation in 2014, when a camera trap caught her frolicking alone in the woods. She has since gone on to have two adorable cubs.
A group of regular leopards is called a “leap”. However, Amur Leopards don’t have a collective noun, most likely because they prefer to lead a solitary life.