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Meet the sweetest member for your collection!

We all have a soft spot for adorable baby animals – and Edith Mair’s newest creation, SCS Fluffy the Lamb, is bound to make your heart melt.

If you should find yourself in the mountains or the countryside, you may be lucky enough to see lambs in the fields, wandering and playing around their mothers. This is exactly where Edith Mair found inspiration for the loveable SCS Fluffy the Lamb. As a person who spends a lot of time outside in the beautiful Tyrolean landscape, she often finds herself brainstorming new ideas for her twinkling creations when hiking or cycling through the mountains – and lambs are just some of the many animals she comes across.

Why a lamb?

Lambs may seem like sweet, bouncing balls of wool, full of energy and playfulness. But these characteristics have a deeper symbolic meaning. For centuries, these enchanting creatures have been known to represent gentleness, innocence and purity. And when you take a close look at SCS Fluffy the Lamb, his gleaming, black eyes seem to exude a mix of innocence and curiosity, while his kind smile might catch you with its gentleness.

Although his appearance is presented in a cute, playful way – he glistens with 230 facets and wears a charming, vibrant red bow – Fluffy has been created as a real personality. He’ll enchant you, or even awake nostalgic memories of being a kid and thinking how big the world seemed. He’s simply the sweetest and most sparkling character you’ll want to admire every day!

Fortunately, as an SCS member you can enjoy his company as much as you like, along with the rest of the Crystal Creations assortment. SCS Fluffy the Lamb is a member exclusive within the wonderful new collection of playful Baby Animals.

It’s time to play

Whether you’d like SCS Fluffy the Lamb for your own collection or want to gift him to someone else who adores baby animals, be sure to include his friends. There’s Dreamy the Elephant, who’s captivated by the butterfly on her trunk; Shelly the Turtle, who’s enjoying time with her friends; Speedy the Pony, who’s always ready to play chase, and dazzling Lucky the Rabbit, who’s engrossed with his playmates. They’re such a sparkling bunch of characters that you’ll want to make sure Fluffy and the gang are always spending their time together! 

How to ensure SCS Fluffy the Lamb’s fun never ends

If you’re wondering where to best accommodate SCS Fluffy the Lamb, there are many spaces to place him. And once you have him reunited with his family of Baby Animals, you’ll never want to separate them.

1.    As lambs can be found in fields, paddocks and mountains, place SCS Fluffy the Lamb on your windowsill so he can look outside. Be sure to include some green plants beside him so he’ll feel at home!
2.    Since Fluffy has so much character and curiosity, place him on your bookshelf so he can mingle with other adventurous characters – real and fictional.
3.    Once you’ve collected the entire crew of Baby Animals, place them in a circle so it looks as though they’re deep in conversation about the next game they’re going to play!

If you love baby animals, you’ll want to have the entire five-piece collection. And if you know someone who wants to become a collector, SCS Fluffy the Lamb is the perfect design to start a collection.