SCS Global Free Repair Service for Crystal Creations Policy

The Terms and Conditions of the SCS Global Free Repair Policy are as follows: 
Validity as of January 1, 2018 


Minimum Free Policy for SCS members

Repairing all Crystal Creations for members free of charge is subject to the following criteria: 
• The products are out of the two-year warranty period. 
• The member can demonstrate that he/she purchased the product only up to 7 years ago, (e.g. with a receipt). If this cannot be provided, then: 
• The products are not older than maximum of 10 years from the original launch date.* 
• The repair is feasible per the permissible Defect Identification criteria published within the overall CGB Warranty and Repair Policy. 
• The SCS member must have active SCS membership. 


* Exceptionally, when on-location gluing service is offered (like, for example, at an SCS event), SCS members can bring and take away their damaged articles (at their own risk) even if the products are older than 10 years.