Name: Poonam
Home: Bharatpur, India
Age: 18
Story: Forced to marry and barred from education, Poonam finds her independence in
helping local children become water ambassadors.
“When my son grows up, I’ll inspire him to bring change around him.”

Name: Rose Kelly
Home: Piracaoera de Cima, Brazil
Age: 15
Story: Resident of a remote village in the Amazonian wetlands, Rose Kelly uses
Swarovski Waterschool to tackle the devastating effects of deforestation.
“I’ll always remember that we have to keep a positive attitude and do things with love and care.”

Name: Esther
Home: Bwindi, Uganda
Age: 13
Story: Health prefect and aspiring nurse Esther lives in a village plagued by Typhoid. Awareness of sanitation, hygiene
and disease protection allows her to transform her life and community.
“When I joined Swarovski Waterschool, I started feeling at peace. I started getting hope.”


Name: Mykeyla
Home: Brooklyn, Illinois, USA
Age: 12
Story: Resident of America’s oldest incorporated black town, Mykeyla is historically connected but
physically separated from the Mississippi River, Waterschool helps her reconnect.
“We have to take care of the 1% drinkable water that we have, because we might not have it for long.”

Name: Selina
Home: Kals, Tyrol, Austria
Age: 12
Story: Budding environmentalist, Selina is concerned with the speed of glacial recession.
Swarovski Waterschool enables her to address difficult topics affecting the environment.
“I think that those who understand the consequences care more about the issue.”

Name: Daisy
Home: Shanghai, China
Age: 10
Story: Dedicated water agent and courageous water advocate Daisy uses her voice
to influence the adults around her.
“Protecting water not only protects my family, but also protects the whole human race.”