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In a world blanketed with snow, with stars illuminating the night sky and a feeling of magic in the crisp winter air, award-winning designer Tord Boontje spins an enchanting fairytale about a curious little squirrel, his friends and the true nature of sparkle.


“Always go to the party!” This is the joyful moral that designer (and occasional storyteller), Tord Boontje, hopes to share in his magical Winter Tale – a story about finding the sparkle in life.


Curious little 'Squirrel'

The central character is a young squirrel who tries to hold onto winter’s sparkle and learns a valuable lesson thanks to his woodland friends. Standing upright to a full 5.5cm, his fluffy tail up in the air and a dazzling crystalline icicle in his hands, the 'Squirrel' figurine embodies the elation of a discovery made. A beautiful Aurora Borealis effect gives the crystalline icicle a particularly magical rainbow shimmer.

Wise 'Robin'

A wise robin helps to decorate the big Winter Party. In spring, he shows his friend, the little squirrel, that sparkle can be found everywhere (if you just look). In crystal form, 'Robin' sits atop a rock, his wings glittered with small crystals that shimmer with the Aurora Borealis effect.

Magical 'Grazelle' Limited Edition

With a glistening bedazzled mane, the Grazelle adds elegance and fantasy to the enchanting Winter Party. Sparkling with 190 crystal facets, including shimmering wings covered with a spectacular mix of crystals with Golden Shadow and Aurora Borealis effect, the 'Grazelle, Limited Edition' is a unique beauty. Little secret: Tord Boontje’s signature is engraved on the clear crystal base, which is further embellished with crystals.



BELOW: 'Robin' helps 'Squirrel' discover life’s sparkle. RIGHT: The magical 'Grazelle' was a complex piece to design.



Dancing 'Rabbit' and 'Ibex'

Joyful and enchanting, the rabbit and ibex dance, bringing warmth and happiness to the celebration. In bringing them to life, Tord Boontje gave the 'Rabbit' expressive ears and extra sparkle with 391 glistening facets and captured his friend, the 'Ibex', with 301 clear crystal facets and right foreleg bent in joyful movement.

Dazzling 'Pine Tree'

At the center of the mirth and magic, stands a beautiful pine tree – silent, watchful and present. Perhaps for this reason, award-winning designer Tord Boontje says he’d like to be the tree, if he could be a character in the story. In his crystal interpretation, the 'Pine Tree' stands to 13cm with a beautiful clear crystal design that shimmers with 462 facets.


'SCS Winter Sparkle Ornament, Limited Edition 2019'

A magical combination of Light Siam colored and Golden Shadow effect leaf elements form an elegant star, which dazzles with 200 facets and brings warmth and splendor to any home.

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'Winter Star Ornament'

With a dazzling star-shaped design featuring a beguiling clear crystal center and delicate crystal leaves with Golden Shadow effect, the 'Winter Star Ornament' steals hearts with 200 crystal facets.

'Wreath Ornament Leaves'

Crafted from red and clear leaf-shaped elements that form a magical wreath, the 'Wreath Ornament Leaves' glimmers with 72 crystal facets.

'Acorn Ornament'

A 'Squirrel' needs an acorn. This one has 172 sparkling facets of clear, Fern Green colored crystal and crystal with Golden Shadow effect.

'Winter Night Ornament'

Within its 31 sparkling crystal facets, the 'Winter Night Ornament' holds a delicate white print depicting a mythical Ice Bird coating a Tyrolean forest in frost and snow, as it flies overhead.