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The sparkling, playful penguin family created by Hiroshi Yoshii – one of Japan’s most renowned digital artists – is finally complete! We’d like to welcome "SCS Grandmother Penguin" and "SCS Baby Picco" to the colony. Ready to meet them and bring them to life?



In creating the limited-edition SCS Penguin Family, Hiroshi Yoshii took inspiration from nature, then masterfully captured it through his signature style: playful proportions, expressive body language and a distinct color palette. The result is in an enchanting combination of humor, playfulness and beauty – "SCS Grandmother Penguin" dazzles with 315 crystal facets, metallic spectacles and a bun, while "SCS Baby Picco" sits with wings outstretched, his black eyes speaking personality and charm.

Now that the family is complete, here are four ways to bring them to life:

1. Pay homage to penguin love by placing "SCS Baby Picco" at the center of your family arrangement. Penguins are famously monogamous and devoted. Most commit to one partner, undergo months of harsh conditions and travel unimaginable distances to protect and nurture their family – especially their young.

2. Create a summer scene by placing the SCS Penguin Family on the ice floe displays. The smaller ice floe can even be used on both sides for added creativity. While penguins spend the harsher winter months on land, when the weather warms up, they drift out to sea on ice floes.

3. Create a SCS Penguin Family creche, with the adults out at sea. Penguins too young to fish organize themselves into creches. They huddle together for warmth and company while the adults head out to go fishing for months at a time.

4. Give your penguins a royal back story to honor Sir Nils Olav. Who is that? A very special king penguin, from Edinburgh Zoo, who was knighted by the King of Norway. Since 2008, Sir Nils Olav officially holds the title of Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Guard.


No matter what you do, don’t miss out on the fun. The limited-edition SCS Penguin Family will only be available until the end of 2019!