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Whether you’re wearing multiple rings stacked up or across your fingers, the ring party trend is versatile, fun and a great way to express your individuality, style and personality. It also adds dimension and color to your daily look.
Interested in how to style multiple rings and channel the latest layered rings trend?

The trick to creating that sought-after stack is about being creative and curating your signature look with confidence. From slim bands to statement-making cocktail rings, mix clean lines with organic shapes to create of-the-moment and personal looks.

Master the ring party stack with our go-to-guide:

Mix, match and play with different combinations in ways that best reflect your mood; metal tones, thick and thin bands, understated and high shine.

If you prefer a more minimalist and elegant look, stack thin bands across your hand such as our Attract pear ring set instead of multiple rings on each finger.

An easy way to achieve a chic and cohesive look is to opt for one metal tone – get inspired by these sparkling rose-gold tone plated rings.

Alternatively, layer rings that combine different metal colors and textures to ensure a finish with more edge.

Dial up the glamour and wear two rings on the same finger or chose another finger. After all, doubling up is twice as fun.
Now you know how to master the look and wear multiple rings in ways that express yourself and your style.
Feeling inspired? It’s time to give the trend a try. Explore our selection of rings and create your own ring party.
The brilliant thing about the ring party trend is the variety. To master the look, pair dainty rings with a more iconic Swarovski Nirvana or mix this piece with some smaller bands to dial up your look and make a statement. Spark your inspiration with these sparkling looks.