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Glamour Meets Innovation


Boldly express yourself with the elegant interplay of light and dark as contemporary and classic crystal faceting combine to create our beguiling Elegance of Africa pendant.

Weaving a story of captivating contrast with both the natural and the luxurious on radiant display, a tale of royalty and the African savanna is wrapped together in a piece designed to leave an impact.

A Graphite crystal teardrop on a pear-shaped clear crystal base beckons in majestic style to convey the essence of royalty in this exquisitely composed design. Precision shines in flawless execution as the everyday is upended with a surprise focus–not on the Zebra’s iconic standard stripes–but extending to a more modern take by emulating the  Zebra Amai’s  contrasting hues in a subtle, yet scintillating statement.

In brilliant composition, the organic wood base of the Zebra Head Jamila from the Elegance of Africa collection is captured in subtle crystal cuts that brings together the regal and the natural. An enchanting way to illuminate your everyday, each of the 48 facet gleams with the promise of nobility, underlined with a hint of the tribal.

Suspended on a 42cm silver chain, this tale of duality is at once vibrant and demure, intense and composed. 

Get set to command attention as Queen of the urban jungle in this exclusive SCS design.

The spectacular interplay of contrast in the Elegance of Africa pendant is no coincidence. The masterful balance of contemporary and classic is part of the magnificently modern vision of Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert. Drawing inspiration from Swarovski’s rich heritage while forging an exciting new path to breathe renewed life into the dazzling realm of crystal, a world of wonder awaits. 

True to this vision, the Elegance of Africa pendant–honoring Swarovski’s artistry and expertise–radiates classic charm through its geometry, while simultaneously embracing a brave new format. Following the distinct style of the Chroma Collection, the unique layering of one crystal on top of another represents a bold design that works with opposing forces, uniting in perfect harmony to masterfully embody a contemporary aesthetic without losing sight of a treasured past. 

This sophisticated 2021 jewelry piece, designed exclusively for our SCS members, will not only catch your eye, it will capture your heart.