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| Switzerland


The iconic blue box is an important part of Swarovski’s own story. It’s timeless, and it can represent an opportunity for fantasy and escape from reality. Each gift contains a little bit of magic, a sparkling piece of jewelry that can make us feel loved and extraordinary. Blue itself is an emotive, evocative color, one that can remind us of laid-back afternoons by the sea or sunny cloudless skies. It’s powerful and often linked closely to our own moods and memories.


Consider, then, choosing pieces that bring to life the magic of that little blue box. Look for striking necklaces and earrings in shades of that iconic blue. Intricate pieces from the Model collection captivate, including bold necklaces of shaded blue and detailed textures. The powerful chain-link of the Tabloid necklace and matching cuff shines in blue, making a dazzling statement and a perfect gift for a loved one.