An Ode To Beauty And Inspiration

The majestic Tyrolean alpine region is famous for its magnificent flora and fauna. In fact, it was the breathtakingly, pure and natural beauty of the area that first attracted founder, Daniel Swarovski, and has served as a muse ever since.


The new >>SCS 2020 Alpine Forest Collection<<, >>SCS Gentian (Membership Gift 2020)<<, >>SCS Edelweiss<< and >>SCS Edelweiss Pendant<< commemorate Swarovski’s 125th anniversary by depicting the natural elements that occupy its heart and inspire its creativity:

• >>SCS Annual Edition 2020 Stag Family<<
The sparkling pieces depict a touching family bond between some of the area’s most beautiful creatures. A proud >>SCS Annual Edition 2020 Stag Alexander<< stands strong, glimmering with 452 facets and spectacular antlers embellished with a Golden Shine effect. His partner, the graceful >>SCS Doe<<, glitters with an elegant light Colorado topaz and Golden Shine coating and 408 sparkling facets, while the sweet >>SCS Fawn<< tilts his head towards his loving parents, completing the tender scene.

• >>SCS Marmot (Event Piece 2020)<<
As symbol of family, loyalty and good luck and a Tyrol native, the >>SCS Marmot<< makes a perfect companion to the >>SCS 2020 Alpine Forest Collection<<. The cute rodent, which twinkles with 340 facets, stands on his hind legs with his front paws bent, ready to capture hearts with shining, expressive eyes.

• >>SCS Gentian (Membership Gift 2020)<<
A beautiful sight in the Tyrolean Alps, the delicate, trumpet-shaped gentian flowers, dazzle with an intense blue. In crystal form, the >>SCS Gentian (Membership Gift 2020)<< sparkles with stunning Scuba Blue and Medium Topaz petals and clear crystal stems and leaves.

• >>SCS Edelweiss<<
Noble, pure and beautiful, the edelweiss not only represents the essence of the Tyrolean wildlife, but also a piece of Swarovski’s history. The elegant flower which, despite its delicate appearance, can withstand extreme weather conditions, was featured in Swarovski’s logo from 1899 to 1989. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Swarovski in 2020, now the >>SCS Edelweiss<< dazzles, twinkles and glints with 524 spectacular crystal facets.

• >>SCS Edelweiss Pendant<<
Delicate, yet powerful, the beautiful >>SCS Edelweiss Pendant<< depicts the famous edelweiss alpine flower in a burst of sparkling crystals. Vivid, detailed and breathtaking, the elegant floral piece, which comes on a lovely chain, makes the perfect gift – either for a beloved friend, family member or simply for yourself. But if you’d like to add it to your jewelry collection you have to be fast – this exclusive SCS member piece is available in 2020 only.