Eighteen years ago, Swarovski set up its flagship Waterschool Program to help save the lifeblood of the planet. Since that time, the initiative has been inspiring local and global change by educating the world’s children about the importance of preserving the earth’s most precious resource – water. “WATERSCHOOL” is the beautiful story of six young women who live alongside the world’s biggest rivers and have been touched by Swarovski’s Waterschool Program. Set to the stirring music of Emmy Award-winning composer, Alex Wurman, the captivating documentary travels from the Amazon wetlands to the urban metropolis of Shanghai, to show the impact Swarovski’s community investment program has had on the future custodians of our planet. Through their eyes, it explores some of the world’s most pressing ecological challenges to deliver a message of hope, passion and the enduring conviction that even the smallest drop can send ripples across the planet.


“When you educate a girl, you are educating a nation,” says Dr. Changu Mannathoko, Senior Policy Advisor of Education at UNICEF, speaking of Swarovski Waterschool. Since 2000, the program has reached 500,000 students across 2,400 schools worldwide to spread knowledge, raise awareness and give a voice to the next generation of water advocates. Want to learn more about them?