my swarovski

Introducing the Atelier Swarovski Spring 2019 assortment, a captivating and symbolic blend of in-house jewelry collections and exclusive designer collaborations. Inspiration for this season comes from the most majestic corners of the earth, relying on unique colors and shapes inherent to the natural landscapes of Europe and Asia. Discover contemporary yet timeless style with expertly cut Swarovski crystal and innovative design.

Precision-cut baguette stones are stacked in simple lines with subtle curves to enhance the fascinating play of reflections between crystal and light. This season, the collection receives an update with Montana Blue Swarovski crystal.
Organic silhouettes of bright and vivid crystals mimic the bends and curves of the Mesopotamian river in a series of modern cuffs, collars, rings and earrings.
Grecian designer Themis Zouganeli references the tranquil waters and eclectic spirit of Mykonos with blue hued Evil Eye motifs, a traditional symbol thought to ward off misfortune.
The Japanese notion of wabi-sabi is reflected in this jewelry collection featuring imperfectly crafted petal motifs. Bright red crystals bring luck, happiness and joy to those who wear it.