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Payment by credit card

Swarovski accepts Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, and American Express as methods of payment. Please select the appropriate credit card during the payment process and fill in the required credit card details. Your credit card will only be debited once your order has been confirmed.

The purchase of Swarovski products takes place at Swarovski Crystal Online AG, headquartered in Switzerland. Please be aware that credit card companies may charge additional costs, usually based on the purchase value (approximately one to two percent), for credit card purchases made abroad.

For the United States of America:
The purchase of Swarovski products online takes place through Swarovski Digital Business US Inc., headquartered in Rhode Island. Please note that credit card companies may charge additional fees, based on the purchase value (approximately one to two percent), for credit card purchases made abroad.

Security code

As of October 1, 2001, for the security of online credit card transactions, it is mandatory to enter a card security code (CVC2/CVV2) at the point of purchase. This number is neither stored on the card's magnetic strip nor printed on any payment receipts. With this code, Swarovski can confirm that the credit card is physically present with the paying customer, thereby ensuring that it is not being misused for fraudulent purposes.

For VISA, Eurocard, and Mastercard holders, the security code is a three-digit number inscribed on the upper right corner of the signature panel on the back of the card, next to the repeated credit card number. On American Express cards, the security code is a four-digit code situated at the top right corner of the front of the card.


The 3D-Secure protocol is an additional security layer that further prevents credit card fraud for online payments. During the checkout process, customers with a 3D-Secure credit card are asked for an authorization password that is assigned by their issuing credit card company. With this additional authentication check, security is increased for the credit card holder and the Online Shop.

Payment by Wirecard

For customers without a credit card, Swarovski also accepts payments by Wirecard. This is a prepaid card that can be used like a credit card that provides the holder with the security of a spending limit. Wirecard also reduces the risk of fraud or card abuse. The balance can be checked online and is updated daily.


PayPal stores and safeguards your card and bank details, enabling you to pay online without entering your sensitive financial information every time you shop. You speed through checkout in just a few clicks, PayPal takes the payment from your card or PayPal balance directly. Your payment details will not be shared with Swarovski. For US customers, PayPal transactions are effected via Swarovski Crystal Online AG, Switzerland.

PURCHASE ON INVOICE (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland (incl. Liechtenstein) you can pay for our products on invoice up to a maximum value of EUR 1,000 or CHF 1,000. This is subject to the condition that the shipping address does not deviate from your billing address. After a credit check has been carried out, the maximum invoice amount may be reduced. In individual cases, the order may be rejected. You will receive your invoice along with your delivery.

Your invoice is payable immediately without deductions upon receipt of the invoice. We have assigned our claim for payment against you to net-m Privatbank 1891. For Switzerland, payolution GmbH shall act as technical service provider. We would therefore ask that you transfer the invoice amount to one of the accounts listed below.

Germany & Austria:
Recipient: net-m Privatbank 1891
IBAN: DE75700131000000150398

Recipient: payolution GmbH
IBAN: CH2300790016925455717

If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact our partners directly:

Customer-Support Germany Payolution
Hotline: 0800 58 93 221

Customer-Support Austria Payolution
Hotline: 0800 00 57 04

Customer-Support Switzerland Payolution
Hotline: 0800 00 23 61


For special orders (e.g. high order amount, Limited Editions) Swarovski offers the possibility to pay via prepayment. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your payment into our bank account. The amount is due for payment immediately.

Please transfer the amount to the account listed in the checkout process using your order number as payment reference. Please note that your bank may charge additional costs for international bank transfers. Prepayment is not offered in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, USA, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

In case the payment amount is not transferred to our bank account within 7 banking days after receiving the order confirmation, Swarovski has the right to cancel your order.

An invoice will also be sent with your package. Prepayment is not available for Electronic Gift cards.

Tax refund

All the orders placed through the Swarovski Online Shop are exempt from VAT refunds.

The VAT is calculated according to tax regulations of the country of the online shop in which the order was submitted.

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