The Swarovski Crystal Society is celebrating its 30th anniversary

Happy Birthday SCS!

It is thanks to a small crystal mouse, created in 1976, that tens of thousands of people in over 125 countries now celebrate their love of crystal! This year, the Swarovski Crystal Society is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Many crystal enthusiasts have been members since the very beginning, as anyone who has been charmed by the exquisite, intricately cut collectible crystal figures, from miniatures to masterpieces, retains this passion for life.

To specifically reward the great enthusiasm and loyalty shown by its customers, the company founded the Swarovski Collectors Society in 1987, today known as the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS).

Every five years the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) celebrates an anniversary. For each of these anniversaries, the SCS has launched a special Jubilee Edition commemorating the occasion and 2017 is no exception.
The SCS Jubilee Edition Swans is an exquisite tribute to this noble bird and its offspring; symbolizing also a sense of belonging to our big Swarovski Family.


Swans have always been part of the Crystal Creations assortment, but we have never created a swan with cygnets for SCS before.

This family scene represents the strong and enduring connection between the mother and her babies. Martin Zendron designed this family to be a symbolic thank you to our loyal crystal lovers, who have been following Swarovski perhaps since the very beginning of SCS or at least for a long period of time.

The SCS brings together people of all ages, lifestyles, cultures, and nationalities. They are united by their love of crystal and show an enthusiasm for Swarovski that constantly drives the company to develop new creations and visions.

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