Celebrating the International Year of Water Cooperation 2013

The Waterschool for a Living Yangtze

2013 is an important year for the Swarovski Waterschool. It’s the International Year of Water Cooperation of the United Nations. The objective consists in increasing the awareness for increased cooperation for a sustainable water management around the world. Protecting China’s longest and one of the most splendid rivers, the Swarovski Waterschool for a Living Yangtze is one of the best examples.

A successful year
The project will continue to focus on creating and providing opportunities for more schools and communities to engage in a process of learning that empowers them to take action for their environment. More than 129’000 students and 183,000 community members participated last year.

Also in 2013, new collaborations with NGO’s in Beijing are planned. A variety of specific materials for students, teachers and communities was developed and published. The fact that the Swarovski Waterschool for a Living Yangtze received two prestigious environmental awards emphasizes the importance of this movement.

These engagements show that respect for the environment forms the heart of Swarovski, whose heritage is closely linked to water. Learn more about these activities on the Waterschool website.

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