Looking Up to the Stars

Embodying Empowerment

Joining brand ambassador Karlie Kloss in a celebration of diversity and personality, models Jordan Dunn, Fei Fei Sun and the multi-talented Ruby Rose say Yes to All for Fall/Winter 2017. Taking on the all-embracing characteristics of the Urban Fantasy Collection, each daring fashion authority shares their unique style story, empowering Swarovski women of all backgrounds to #bebrilliant.

Sharing the Light

Swarovski’s versatile designs are easy to wear, suiting every look and taste to make any moment memorable. For Jourdan Dunn and Fei Fei Sun, this philosophy translates to a harmonious fusion of light and architecture where Dunn reaches for effortless circular shapes in neutral tones while Sun explores the reflective aspects of nature within crystal.

In Confidence

Dialing up the style for Winter, Ruby Rose encourages every woman to #bebrilliant with an explosion of colors, playful messages and emojis inspired by the dazzling energy of cities. The multi-faceted model’s animated style sets a precedent for Swarovski’s expanding crew, inviting dynamic, influential talents to the table this Holiday season for a surprising array of diverse and glamorous personalities.

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