Crafting the Swarovski Remix Collection

A Unique Vision

With one-of-a-kind design and exquisite craftsmanship at its core, Swarovski introduces a new assortment of adaptable jewelry: the Swarovski Remix Collection. Expertly constructed, the interchangeable strands follow the vision of the brand’s founder, Daniel Swarovski, who sought to create a crystal for every woman. The symbolic charms embellishing chains in assorted metal tones allow for unparalleled style unique to each wearer.

Innovative Craftsmanship

Creative Director Nathalie Colin: “This innovative new concept utilizes an invisible magnetic closure, allowing you to blend in other pieces from the Swarovski Remix Collection to create a customized look, time and time again.” A romantic woman, classic young lady, edgy girl or glamorous fashionista, this collection’s “a great example of how Swarovski has a piece of jewelry for everyone.”

Embracing the Individual

“Sparkling with clear crystal details or Swarovski pearls, including either pavé motifs or geometrical timeless shapes in various metallic platings,” the Swarovski Remix Collection encourages diversity, allowing for millions of different style and silhouette combinations that appeal to all women, no matter the age, style, ethnicity or lifestyle.
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