To Mom, With Love

Martha Hunt strolls the streets of Paris for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

We owe our unique sartorial sensibilities to our mothers, our first source of style inspiration. Through the years, she has instilled in us the beauty of cultivating a sense of self and exploring our multiple facets. Swarovski champions that individuality with sparkling creations for all fashion tastes.

Pay tribute to your brilliant mother with an equally brilliant gift from the Swarovski Mother’s Day collection, a range of jewelry she can wear all year round. Captured by influencer, photographer and stylist Margaret Zhang, Martha Hunt strolls the streets of Paris looking for the perfect gift that will light up her mother’s world.

As a mark of her mother’s contemporary feminine style, Martha chooses the Crystalline Pure Watch beautifully lined with Swarovski crystals made to dial up the glamour on the daily. For chic layering fun, she gets the sparkling dance necklace and gray necklace, the darling duo that adds a delicate touch of shine and elegance to any ensemble. Wrapping it all up, Martha stops in a quaint Parisian café to write a letter of admiration to her dearest mom.

#Givebrilliant and celebrate mom for everything she’s inspired in you. Find one-of-a-kind gifts as unique as she is with the Swarovski Mother’s Day collection.

Credit: Martha Hunt by Margaret Zhang

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