About Pendants

The Swarovski pendant collection offers an exquisitely colorful range of remarkable jewelry pieces that showcase the brand’s renowned precision cut clear and color crystals.

Whether hanging from a ruthenium, rhodium-plated chain or sparkling on a gold-plated strand, Swarovski pendants, created in a shimmering array of shades, are exquisitely unique creations that can be matched with the stunning selection of crystal earrings and bracelets.

The simple modern sophistication of a Jonquil crystal pendant, the romantic style of the Bordeaux crystal heart pendants, the timeless elegance of special cut crystal pendants, the playful sparkle of the Eliot and Erika pendants, or the cutting-edge glamour of the Genuine pendant are just a few of the brilliant examples of distinguished design that the Swarovski crystal pendant collection offers.

Set against a simple outfit or as an accessory for a special occasion, the Swarovski pendant collection represents the brand’s innovative modern luxe philosophy and reflects the beauty of light through color crystal design.

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