Into the Wild

Swarovski is proud to present the Mirror Nature Collection – a new design collaboration with the renowned British artist Arran Gregory. Discover his trio of imposing animals – a wolf, bear and leopard now formed with Swarovski crystal that’s finished with an innovative mirror effect.

Nature’s Roar

Predatory forces of the great outdoors inspired this fresh and modern take on the resolute bear, which is captured mid-step as it makes its resounding presence known.
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Brave Leader

The wolf is known for its piercing howl, its territorial nature and dominant posturing. Its moonlit prowl now comes to life, rendered in dazzling Swarovski crystal.
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NCP Arran Gregory Module 3 Video 1 desk

The Wild Beyond

Discover the artist’s inspiration and see how this graphic collection came to life.

NCP Arran Gregory Module 3 Video 1 desk NCP Arran Gregory Module 3 Thumbnail 2 desk NCP Arran Gregory Module 3 Thumbnail 3 desk NCP Arran Gregory Module 3 Thumbnail 4 desk

Primal Instincts

The Arran Gregory Mirror Nature Collection explores the raw beauty of nature and how it can be shaped and balanced in intriguing new ways through the distilled beauty of Swarovski crystal and craftsmanship. Simple lines and sketches unfold into an epic tale about each of these wild animals. In creating such interpretative pieces, the artist reveals his long-standing fascination with the natural world, its mysterious strength and the connections
we have to it.

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